Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sketch Reviews (January 19 2012)

Man, did Haunt #21 actually come out this week? Because my shop didn't get it. Another shortage perhaps? Ah well, I should get it in the next two weeks. But, let's discuss the comics I did get (and am not reviewing for CBR)...

Batman Odyssey #4: Either I'm not following along carefully enough or, sometimes, Neal Adams just makes leaps in storytelling logic that you just have to roll with. Batman suddenly ranting at the scientists was funny -- and he blew up Robin! In some places, Adams's crazy lack of logic works and, in others, it's just baffling. Thankfully, the former beats out the latter. Only three more issues left. [***]

Deadpool MAX II #4: Agent X (the X-Man!) is such a delightful twisting on the concept in some mirror version of Deadpool. The end of the issue was hilarious. Kyle Baker was missed last issue and returns with gusto. Only two more issues left. [****]

Moon Knight #9: I love how the only logical explanation for Buck as to why Moon Knight would want Captain America's shield, Spider-Man's webshooters, and Wolverine's claws is that those are the voices in his head. Now, that's the truth -- but who the fuck WOULDN'T have their support guy build those for him? Those seem like excellent crimefighting tools to have. Why aren't the Avengers arming all of their members with electronic Cap shields for times where a shield like that would be useful? I kind of want to see Moon Knight begin to hear Thor's voice so he demands a hammer, too. I'm really liking this series. An issue-long fight where you genuinely feel like the hero is in danger is a rare thing. The 1-2-3 narration shift was too cute for me -- why bring out the weapons one at a time like that? Seems like a pretty dumb strategy... Can't wait to see what happens next. [***3/4]

Prophet #21: Good issue. That it's different and confident in its storytelling seems to make people think that it's the greatest thing since forever (if I can be condescending and presumptive). I liked it. I liked the confidence and the sense that this was going somewhere right away. I liked the narration and the art. I like that John Prophet is a bit of a blank slate -- almost like a machine. The different alien stuff was quite good, too. Nothing that pushed this into 'great' territory for me... but, fuck, how many first issues do that? [***3/4]

Wonder Woman #5: Surprising design for Hades. Tony Akins does a good job of not changing the visual tone of the book radically. The picture of what's happening seems more complete -- and, if I read the end of the issue right, Diana is showing some sly intelligence. [***1/2]