Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sketch Reviews (January 12 2012)

Batwoman #5: Interesting turn of events -- the art still outpaces the writing to a large degree, which makes me a little worried about what happens come next issue. From what I've seen, Amy Reeder is a good artist, but she's following an amazing one that's been the sole reason to buy this comic. There always feels like there's something missing in each issue. Not like they've left out stuff you don't need or can figure out... like there's something essential missing. I don't know what it is, though. I'm useless, I guess. [****]

Captain America #7: Well, shit, Steve Rogers, if you didn't get on board with torture, maybe you wouldn't be doubting yourself so much. Also, stop hating mutants and just hire a telepath to shut those riots down. Tactical genius my ass. Ooooh, Alan Davis art! [***1/2]

Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE #5: The other side of OMAC #5 and it blends scenes we saw there with no information that fleshes them out. A really well done crossover between the two books. Really interesting to see someone other than Giffen draw OMAC as well. I liked Ponticelli's interpretation. [****]

Journey into Mystery #633: I love how those fear beings are a subtle wink at the Endless. Each one is described with one of the names of the Endless -- or is so obviously one of them. Funny little joke. Also, Loki ain't no snitch. [***3/4]

Justice League Dark #4: My shop finally got the copies they were shorted on a couple of weeks back... I'm not entirely sold on this series yet. The slow gathering of the characters isn't my ideal structure. However, this issue saw more progress in that department and actually ramped up the plot a bit. [***1/4]

New Avengers #20: The two-page splash where the New Avengers and New Dark Avengers rush at one another is a fun video game page. The concept is a little dumb, sure, but the execution is inventive enough, especially now that there are only a few one-to-one matches on the two teams. What's going on with Jessica, though? I can't see how she would be the mole in the group... who knows though. With two Avengers teams, it's nice to see that Bendis is having Osborn take two different approaches to each one. [***1/2]

Punishermax #21: Someone needs to do a comparison between this and Scalped #55, which also came out this week. Two big fight scenes, two brutal-as-fuck fight scenes, and both approached very differently by two different artists. Maybe I will if I find the time -- and, as much I would like to, CBR isn't set up with reviews to do a joint review like that (and that's totally understandable since why should they be ready to have someone review two comics from two different publishers at the same time because they both happen to have fights scenes written by the same writer?). The mixture of memories was masterful, especially when it got to the present in a quick succession. I have no idea what's coming in issue 22 and I can't wait. [****1/2]

The Unwritten #33: That is one hell of an ending -- and damn clever. I loved the different stories. Great storyarc. [****]

Wolverine and the X-Men #4: A really good 'breather' issue after the first story. Nice to take some time and get a sense of the school some more. Hell, I'd be happy if that's all this book did. But, I also miss The Intimates... [****]