Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sketch Reviews (December 21 2011)

The sooner we get past all of this, the sooner I can relax... and sleep and hang out and just enjoy six days without work. No offence.

Batman: Odyssey #3: Deadman going batshit crazy on those trolls was fun. The 'war' was more tell than show. And Batman can't kill because wah wah wah. Loser. [***1/4]

Daredevil #7: Another holiday issue, Marvel? You made my heart grow three times. The best part is obviously "I hate that guy." [***3/4]

Punishermax #20: The strongest issue of this arc yet. The various flashbacks/memories were excellent -- and Frank showing how he'll sacrifice everything to win seems like it will come back into play. No one is getting out alive, folks. No one. [****]

Wolverine and the X-Men #3: I REMEMBER QUENTIN QUIRE! [***3/4]

Wonder Woman #4: Goddamn, that sequence with Hera on Paradise Island... goddamn Cliff Chiang! Also, that final page is just Azzarello showing off. [****]

I also got Officer Downe: Bigger Better Bastard Edition because I am a sucker. And, yes, Mr. Casey, I take that whole spiel about no subtext to be a challenge. Fuck your intentions. Like I care.