Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sketch Reviews (December 15 2011)

Just pushing on through to the holidays. Hitting that point where I don't have much to say it seems. My Random Thoughts this week was half Tragically Hip lyrics for that reason. I'm just in a 'hunker down and read and watch and listen and not say a damn thing' mood. But, let's get to it anyway...

Avengers 1959 #4: At some point, I lost the plot and, yet, that doesn't matter. It's just watching Chaykin do his thing and going along for the ride that matters. The details are inconsequential. [***3/4]

Avengers: X-Stinction #1: I'll possibly do a '28' post on this and my love of Cable. I wasn't sure if I'd get this issue, right up until I walked through my shop's doors, and, then, it was in my pull file (probably because I buy the Avengers titles), so I got it. Very direct and some very nice moments on art. Pretty good, actually. [***1/4]

Batwoman #4: Increasingly, the writing seems to be coming into focus. The opening pages are wonderful... all of the pages are wonderful. [****]

New Avengers #19: I really hope that Victoria Hand isn't working with Osborn, because that would be stupid. The Avengers don't really trust her, so the betrayal is minimal -- it's almost like she would be proving them right. Osborn trying to outdo the Avengers in public is one of those plots that seems good in theory until someone with half a brain shrugs, says "Who gives a fuck what people think, you're a bad guy and I'm going to kick your ass," and then does so. You almost want Frank Miller's Batman to pop out from behind a bush and mumble about how the heroes have always been criminals and just beat the shit out of any bad guy he can find before disappearing into the night. Honestly, I could see Bendis make that a way to separare the Avengers and the New Avengers. Captain America and the Avengers are concerned with what the public thinks, while Luke Cage and the New Avengers are used to people not liking them and doing the job anyway. Still, an issue with some nice moments -- I liked the Luke/Jessica stuff. [***1/4]

The Unwritten #32: But... what about Frankenstein's Monster? Digging this storyarc so far. [***1/2]

Doc Bizarre, MD: An entertaining, goofy sort of story. Judging from the backmatter, this was originally an idea pitched to the Cartoon Network and it's easy to see why. Tone down Epoch a little, maybe make the first 'case' not about a Frankenstein-esque scientist who takes shortcuts, thereby making an impotent monster, and it's a good idea for a cartoon for kids. 'Monster doctor,' basically. Judging from reactions before I got this (finally!), I was expecting something a little more slight. Bizarre amused me quite a bit with his constant 'professionalism' no matter what happened. A bit more direct than Charlatan Ball. Suriano is damn talented. [****]

I also got the first half of Sgt. Rock: Between Hell & A Hard Place thanks to the first Vertigo Resurrected issue of this two-issue reprint (that also includes a couple of older Sgt. Rock stories with Joe Kubert art -- I assume the second issue will as well, which is a great idea). I haven't read it yet since the second issue is out next week and I'd rather just wait until then.