Thursday, December 01, 2011

Sketch Reviews (December 1 2011)

Sometimes, things don't work out how you'd like. My shop didn't order me Doc Bizarre, M.D. or the new Vertigo Resurrected book. No big worries since I'll get them in a couple of weeks, but it kind of put a damper on my enthusiasm. Otherwise, it's been a day of Trailer Park Boys.

Batman: Odyssey Vol. 2 #2: Discussing Neal Adams's work on this series makes me feel like I'm stoner in the '70s. Just muttering "Crazy" over and over... [***1/4]

Daredevil #6: Oh, Marcos Martin... you make me read comics slow. [****]

Spaceman #2: Not as impressive as the first issue. This issue seemed to fly right by without as much meat on its bones. It relied on the art a bit more and reading between the lines on some things. Speaking of the art, it's Eduardo Risso... showing that he can dirty up the future like no other. [***3/4]

The Ultimates #4: Oddly, I was most excited by something Dean White said in his little interview at the end of the comic: "The People versus the Children is going to be pretty epic." Funny how, between this and Ultimate Hawkeye, Jonathan Hickman has made the titular heroes of this comic the least interesting thing in. Nice to see him return to his Ultimate Thor mini a bit. The end of the issue 'reveal' isn't much of one if you read Ultimate Fallout... but who the fuck did that besides me? Esad Ribic and Dean White are working some magic here, too. This has quickly become one of the superhero books I'm looking forward to most each month. [****]

Uncanny X-Men #2: Hey, look, fill-in artists! On issue two! It's mean, but I don't care why that's happening. Funny how every time something like this happens and it becomes a 'story' something comes out after about health problems or a death or something... why doesn't Marvel or DC (or whoever) realise that people will say shit and just head it off ahead of time? (The argument that the personal lives of creators doesn't hold much weight when those details are usually revealed anyway.) Anyway, an enjoyable issue. Sinister is a fairly interesting villain and Gillen is raising the stakes suitably... the art was one big wash of mediocrity. [***1/4]