Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Sketch Reviews (October 5 2011)

My work schedule is normally Saturdays and Sundays 8am-8pm along with Wednesdays and Fridays 10am-6pm. This week, they needed me on Monday and Tuesday, so I'm off until Saturday for a nice change of pace... and three straight days of no work. It also meant getting comics on Wednesday. I've done that occasionally after work when my hours were moved up to 8am-4pm, but I haven't gotten then when the store opened in quite some time. Rather nice. So, let's get some sketch reviews out of the way as I have CBR reviews to write...

Animal Man #2: Travel Foreman's art seemed more consistent this time out and I rather like the way Jeff Lemire writes Maxine. She's a creepy little kid. Hell, this comic is creepy as hell. Really digging it. [****]

The Boys #59: Christ... those final pages... Hughie's angry tirade was pretty awesome, too. Nice to see him standing up for himself. But those final pages... not just the writing either. Russ Braun absolutely destroys those pages with the dead, calm look. Wow. [****]

Men of War #2: Not as engaging at the first issue. I really liked the opening of the issue, but the rest never quite got 'there.' I didn't bother with the back-up story this time. [**3/4]

Moon Knight #6: Last issue left me a little uneasy over Echo wailing on Moon Knight how she did and this issue helped that a bit. The Avengers showing up allowed for some pretty good visual gags surrounding Cap, Spider-Man, and Wolverine. I didn't recognise the 'Kingpin.' Should I have? [***3/4]

OMAC #2: I liked this more than the first issue. Maybe my expectations had shifted enough. I went expecting some big dumb action and, when I got it, ate it up. I wasn't sure about adding this to my pull list, but I think I will. Especially considering I got the last rack copy today... shortly after twelve when my store opens at twelve. [***1/2]

Severed #3: The tension was built masterfully with the bear trap scene. Wow. It's not too often I get a little nervous while reading a comic -- but I did here. Wonderful. [****]

Stormwatch #2: This issue was a step up from the first one. Mostly, it was helped by just getting on with everything and not worrying about explanations as much. Or, trying to write faux-Ellis dialogue. I really hate that new Midnighter costume, though. Harry is turning out to be an interesting character. I like the level of backstabbing and bastardness in the team... without it seeming like they hate one another. They just have their own agendas. Glad I came back for this issue after being disappointed with the debut. [***1/2]

Swamp Thing #2: Good villain... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much fucking exposition. I like the idea of trying to keep everything, even the contradictions, from Swamp Thing's past... but it does make this issue a bit of a chore to read in parts. Second issue and where other books are getting on with it, this one is giving a long history lesson. Paquette handled the horror aspect a bit better this time, I thought -- if only for that panel of the baby/little kid. [***]

I also picked up the trade of the first volume of American Vampire. Only read the first issue and liked it.