Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sketch Reviews (October 27 2011)

I bought comics yesterday and read most of them while waiting in the car while Michelle taught a class at the gym and, then, the rest in a mall food court while she was at some meeting related to teaching glasses at the gym. When we got home, we watched TV and went to bed. So, that's why this post is going up today instead of yesterday. Plus, there were a lot of comics to read. Giant week.

'Breed III #6: The progression throughout the issue of Stoner looking down on everyone to eventually realising that he's a punk bitch next to the likes of Dreadstar and Darklon was pretty funny. That the cover to this issue is a reference to Dreadstar #1's cover is awesome. Jim Starlin knows what people want. [***1/2]

Butcher Baker, the Righteous Maker #7: Speaking of homage covers... that's a lot of shaded cock at the end of this comic. [****]

Captain America & Bucky #623: Decent issue. Samnee's art is gorgeous. Honestly, more looking forward to next issue and leaving behind World War II... though, ending with a concentration camp... what do you say about that? [***1/4]

Daredevil #5: The line "Send six." made me laugh. The art is wonderful and the villains are evil, but their secret plan that the blind translator came across is right up there with the evilness of the bad guys in The Phantom Menace. When criminals become too much like businessmen, they stop being entertaining. You may as well read the business section. But Marcos Martin is amazing and Waid's peppy/smart writing grabs. [****]

Incredible Hulk #1: My gut said that this wouldn't be for me, but I just had to give it a shot. My gut was right. My gut is always right. I knew I'd hate the art, so that wasn't it. Jason Aaron's writing was not to my taste. Dull with an end that made me roll my eyes. Not for me. [*]

Justice League Dark #2: So... ghosts are constantly horny? That makes sense. After all, they can see naked people any time they want, but can't do anything about it. Peter Milligan gets this. That Dawn lady should have just dumped her ghostly boyfriend and let him be the serial rapist he obviously wants to be. Now, that's a Deadman comic I'd read. [***1/4]

The Mighty Thor #7: Hahahahahahahaha... that's it? That's the secret history of the Serpent? He became king after Bor died, became corrupt, and Odin killed tons of people to take him down? Wasn't all of that implied already? And, by 'implied,' I mean so heavily implied that I kept waiting for the twist. I guess it was meant to be that Odin killed so many people to get to his brother, but that sort of fell flat and was very underplayed. I did like the execution of the scene where Odin cut his eye out. [**]

The Red Wing #4: Hey, fuck you, dad. [Christ, that felt good...]

Scalped #53: Slow build to something horrible with some excellent scenes like the one with Nitz and the sherrif. [****]

Secret Avengers #18: Goddamn, David Aja! Ellis knows how to write a nice, short little story that allows artists to go mindfuck crazy. This was one of the best weeks for art that I can remember in a long time and this issue is right near the top. [****1/4]

Wolverine and the X-Men #1: Fun first issue. Some scenes worked, others kind of fell flat a bit. Lots of potential here. I think this goes on the pull list. [***3/4]