Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sketch Reviews (October 13 2011)

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Batwoman #2: The writing is fine. I'm here for the art. The way that different styles run up against one another here is astonishing. [****]

Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #2: I'm really glad I picked up the first issue last month, because this was another good issue. The extended origin of the fishwoman went on a bit long, but, otherwise, it's a fairly entertaining comic. [***3/4]

New Avengers #17: Hey, Daredevil is on the New Avengers... until the next issue of the series proper where he doesn't appear at all. Also, is it just me or couldn't someone as smart as Tony Stark maybe let it be known in his distress call that hitting the giant robot isn't a good tactic? For a genius, he's pretty stupid when the story conveniently calls for it. A fine issue, honestly. Deodato runs hot and cold. The stuff with Osborn doesn't have me won over yet. [***1/4]

Punishermax #18: I loved the opening and everything with Frank. The rest was... less engrossing. Especially the reveal with Elektra and Vanessa. The final page was pretty great and shows just how far down Frank has fallen. He's completely at sea... I hope that Aaron doesn't leave the book after he takes down the Kingpin, because what comes AFTER that should prove interesting. [***1/2]

S.H.I.E.L.D. #3: And here's where, once again, I run up against all of those who adore Dustin Waver's art, because it's not strong enough to carry this issue. It's detailed, sure; it's also superficial and hollow. None of that detail made what I was seeing any more impressive. If anything, it made it more static and distant. I like that Hickman and Weaver went for something different here... it just absolutely did not work for me. [*1/2]

X-Men: Regenesis #1: Well, if you want people picking a side, this is the comic for you! Because that's all that happens. And it's as tedious as you can imagine, especially when a fairly laughable tribal theme is thrown in and keeps recurring throughout the issue. What I do find funny is that I got to the end and the comic asks me whose side I'm on. I agree with Cyclops, yet Wolverine and the X-Men is the comic that appeals to me more. This comic wasn't even a story -- it was pages of continuity throw onto the page so everyone can see clearly where their favourite characters stand. The only scene that really worked was the Hope one... [waste of fucking money]

I also got the new issue of glamourpuss and will get around to reading my stack of that comic at some point, and the CBLDF's Liberty Annual 2011 but haven't read it yet.