Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Sketch Reviews (January 5 2011)

2011... easier to type, but doesn't feel right just yet. Nor does the first week of comics, which is kind of a small, sad week. No The Boys, which is just wrong. Most of what I got was for reviewing purposes. I could share a few words on Parker: The Outfit and ACME Novelty Library, both of which I read this week finally, but I will most likely discuss them in my 'best of 2010' post in the new week or two. But, for now, onto this week's haul.

Ultimate Captain America #1: I don't blame writers, but part of me wishes they'd account for solicitations when writing first issues. Look, I already know this book is about the Captain America of the Vietnam War... so that being the point on which the end of the issue rests is a little anticlimactic. Not really Jason Aaron's fault because I see it happen all of the time in comics. The first issue builds to the premise/reveal on which the series hangs and, sorry, I already know it ahead of time, making the first issue seem like a big waste of time. That the issue itself is a rather mundane story about a raid on a North Korean facility that's making Super-Soldiers doesn't help. Ron Garney's art is always very hit or miss for me, much of this issue falling into the 'miss' category. There's a sketchy, unfinished look to it, line work looking too thin and not entirely connected to the rest of the art at times. I really liked the opening scene, but, after that, it was just stalling for the reveal for me. I'm hoping next issue picks things up a bit. [**1/2]

Wolverine: The Best There Is #2: The first issue was crazy and fucked up and seemed like it wanted to be a MAX book. This issue is more sloppy than crazy. Juan Jose Ryp was not made to draw Wolverine in costume. The dialogue isn't terribly funny when it means to be, and isn't at all deep when it tries to do that either. Aside from the double-page montage of Logan's mind, there wasn't a lot about this comic that made me want to give the third issue a shot. [*3/4]

The best part about Marvel's comics this week was the "Age of X" preview stuff... I'm looking forward to that story. I do love alternate reality stuff. Since I'm a Cyclops fan, I really can't wait to see what Basilisk is like. Love the different mask.