Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Best of 2010: Favourite Pieces of Criticism

Last year, I did a brief thing on one critic and, this year, I wanted to present a list of my favourite pieces of writing on comics online. It's not a complete list. It skews more towards earlier in the year when it was on my mind more. I've no doubt left things out and it doesn't take into account the things that people write regularly that I enjoy as much like David Uzumeri's annotations. I loved reading those, but none stood out on their own as something that I wanted to bookmark. I'll make the odd comment sometimes, but, mostly, this is a lazy link post. And, remember, this isn't necessarily the BEST, it's just stuff I dug. It presents a picture of my online reading habits that may not be as diverse as I or anyone would like, but that's how it goes. Only so many hours in the day and these are the people whose work I enjoyed most. (Everything is in chronological order...)

* David Brothers on Ganges #2
* Tim Callahan on Punisher War Journal
* Tucker Stone on the art in DC Comics (at the end of a Comics of the Weak post)
* Tim Callahan on Daredevil #26
* Tom Spurgeon on House of M
* Greg Burgas on superhero politics
* Jog on thought balloons
* Tim O'Neil on Cry for Justice and other stuff
* Jeet Heer on word balloons
* Noah Berlatsky on Morrison's Batman
* Zom on Alex Sinclair's colouring of Batman and Robin
* Tucker Stone on Justice League The Rise of Arsenal # 3 (as part of a Comics of the Weak post)
* Matt Seneca on Marvel and DC
* Colin Smith on The Authority
* Sean Witzke on cinematic comics
* Matt Seneca on Neal Adams and Milo Manara
* Tucker Stone devotes a Comics of the Weak post to figuring out Mark Waid giving up superhero comics
* Witzke and Seneca on Steranko
* Tucker Stone and the Year in Stank

And that's that.

Tomorrow: the year in Joe Casey comics.