Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sketch Reviews (December 30 2010)

A day behind... but good holidays. Though, for me, not really any holidays since wrestling and comics never stop. They never stop. So, we'll keep things brief...

Avengers #8: A necessary issue, but one that felt empty in many ways. It sets up next issue where the Illuminati stand revealed, but as a comic on its own, it doesn't hold up as much. [**3/4]

Captain America #613: This storyarc continues to hum along at a nice pace with action and intrigue. Really digging the art. Some very cool-looking pages here. [****]

Detective Comics #872: Good character work. Not sure I care that much about the Black Mirror yet, but the ending was creepy and has me wanting to see what happens next. Curious to see how the two stories connect. Digging the Francavilla art more than Jock's. [****]

Incognito: Bad Influences #2: This issue was an improvement over the first. The plot is heading in a direction that interests me. Zack Overkill not accepted in either world. Doesn't quite feel like the retread of the first series like the first issue was. [***3/4]

Scalped #44: Lucking into a win... what's funny is that before Nitz went to the casino, I was thinking about how he would and how it would go, which was pretty much how it went down. Another great character-based issue. I do love this comic. [****1/4]

Ultimate Comics Thor #3: Shit goes down. It's quick and brutal, especially the murder of Balder. Curious to see what this series will look like as a whole. [***1/4]