Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sketch Reviews (December 22 2010)

The guy at my shop remarked that it was a small week for me: six books. To be fair, I was planning to get eight, but the shop had no rack copies of Thunderstrike #2 and Wildcats #30. Those were for reviewing purposes, so I'm not too upset. So, with four books getting reviewed, that's only two purchased for reading purposes only... except, oh wait, one is X-Files/30 Days of Night #6, which I've been buying for Michelle. Ha. So, expect less than normal. And go read my review of III/IV by Ryan Adams & the Cardinals over at 411mania.

Secret Avengers #8: Last issue, they forgot to include any creators credits and they've done it again this issue. I'll rip off Graeme and say that, like the Avengers, the creators are secret. Really, it's the standard team of Brubaker, Deodato, and Beredo. It's a fine issue. The art has a sketchier quality and the colouring is a little overpowering. We're not in the territory of the Deodato/Beredo dynamic that happened near the end of Dark Avengers, but it's getting close. I'm really intrigued by what will happen when we get more about the Shadow Council. Good action superhero comic. [***1/4]

X-Files/30 Days of Night #6: I can't muster up the energy to care anymore. That's not a knock on the comic really. Michelle is really enjoying the series and that's all that matters to me. [N/R]