Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Sketch Reviews (December 1 2010)

A rather small week all things considered. Bought seven comics, reviewing four of them. By the way, Dreadstar December has begun with a couple of posts and I've also put up another edition of Guess the Real Spoiler! So, um, yeah, Comics Should be Good is where the action is these days, apparently. Since I've got books a day before most of you, I'll keep things vague and short...

The Boys #49: Huh, didn't except to see any of what went down with the Boys and the Seven years ago until next issue. As well, the High is batshit insane. Really looking forward to next month's issue fifty. And Russ Braun? Anyone who still bitches about Darick Robertson not being the book isn't looking at this art. It's not as good, I'll admit, but it's a very close second. He's adapted his style to suit the book so well. Remarkable work. [****]

RASL #9: I'll be honest with you, I don't really remember what happened last issue. Or the issue before that. Great expansive, open art, though. I should really do a reread. [***1/2]

Thor: For Asgard #5: Huh. Not what I expected really. Not sure how I feel about this. I do like how Rodi continues to advance the idea of fate and how it works for the Aesir. Bianchi is still humming along nicely. The final page has two panels that kind of made me cringe, but that's it. Curious to see how this ends -- and if it can stick the landing. [***1/2]