Thursday, March 25, 2010

Quickie Reviews (Mar 24 2010)

A big haul this week, though I couldn't get a copy of Power Girl #10, sadly.

glamourpuss #12: Er... haven't read this one yet, but I'm guessing it's a typical issue and, therefore, good. I don't think I'd have much to say about it anyway.

Marvels Project #7: A good-looking comic, but the overall story still seems so random and thrown together. I'm curious to see how this will read as a whole. But, still, Steve Epting and Dave Stewart are fucking rocking this title hard. [***]

New Avengers #63: Ah, I love how this issue and Avengers: The Initiative #34 both show two different fight scenes after Captain America says he doesn't remember who Taskmaster is. I'm not sure why, but this issue is rated 'A'... is that all ages or adult? But, no, a good looking comic with some of the usual great character work from Bendis. Exactly what I want from a Siege tie-in issue. [****]

Scalped #36: "Shunka" part 1... a good issue. I like Davide Furno's art and that they keep going to the same people to do fill-in issues and arcs for the most part. The fourth page was a genuine shocker, because I did not see that coming. Not really buying the over-the-top 'Shunka is no mere man, he's a fucking mythic mystery' narration, but a typically good issue of Scalped. [****]

Secret Warriors #14: A good follow-up to last issue as the series continues to build and build while giving some payoffs as we go, like Madame Hydra/Contessa's true motives. The reaction of Daisy to Sebastian being kicked off the team was good. And, man, if ever a book was improved by a change in colourist, it's this one. (Captain America, too, because Tim was right.) [***1/2]

Superman/Batman #70: Wow, a good issue of this story! Some nice action, Batman taking on a wrestling-themed villain and getting all spaced out. This could turn out to be a nice, slower-burner of a story. Too bad the art is severely lacking. [***]

Thor #608: "Wait, was Heimdall freed last issue?" was what I thought when I began reading this issue. Tyr's subplot was a good one and actually had me and the character both going "Of course!" at the same time with the Ares reveal. Really, a big fight issue that ends where everything else tying into Siege #3 ended this week. Nothing too impressive, but some good moments. [**1/2]

Next week, I won't be hitting the shop since I only have two books to buy, so expect a big week the following Wednesday. Later.