Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Quickie Reviews (Mar 17 2010)

A small week for me with only four books... and one of those I'm reviewing for CBR. I'm also going to be super-quick.

Joe the Barbarian #3: My favourite issue yet. Lots of fun character bits. Morrison playing with the fantasy quest characters and types is really entertaining. Sean Murphy's art looks a little less polished here, but I could be seeing things. A little bit. Not much. [****]

Siege #3: This shit is craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy. Gorgeous art and not at all what I thought this issue would be. Better than that, honestly. [****]

Spider-Woman #7: The series that's actually a mini-series. I'm okay with that since this book never really blew me away. It's been good, but something just didn't click. Maybe it will read better as a whole. A good conclusion to the story that would set up the ongoing. I'm curious where Bendis and Maleev wanted to go with the character. Good finish. [***1/2]

Now, on to other writing... Later.