Thursday, November 13, 2008

Random Thoughts (Nov. 13 2008)

* It occurred to me sometime in the past few days (I can't say when), but what if the post-"RIP" make-up is Dik Grayson as Batman with Damian as Robin and Tim as the new Nightwing? I haven't seen that possibility floated anywhere else (so apologies to anyone who thought of it first), but there would be a certain logic in that, don't you think? Or, hell, throw Jason Todd into the mix and have him upgrade to Nightwing while Tim becomes Red Robin or whatever the hell that's called. Not saying this is a good idea, but it certainly wouldn't be out of place in the DCU and would be a way to factor in the different generations of heroes, especially between Bruce, Dick and Tim... why not make the Nightwing identity a transitional one between Batman and Robin? A sort of university/college education in superheroing with the Robin identity acting as junior high/high schooling, and the Batman identity being the Professional Real World Hero job... Again, not sure this is a good idea, but it makes a certain amount of sense and would place Dick/Nightwing into the hierarchy in a stronger way.

* Tony Daniel is writing "Battle for the Cowl"? Really? I'm still not sure if I'll pick up the non-Grant Morrison stuff being written by Denny O'Neil, Paul Dini and Neil Gaiman... so, yeah, don't think so. Daniel's art is bad enough, thanks. (That sounds a little too snarky, doesn't it?)

* This week was a very good one for what I bought. It actually made writing reviews yesterday a bit difficult as I reviewed three books that I thoroughly enjoyed and was getting sick of praising stuff. It's hardly news, but I'm always more comfortable tearing into stuff... which speaks to my character in a negative way, I suppose.

* The other day, I got a chance to read 2 Guns, the BOOM! mini by Steven Grant and an artist whose name escapes me. Lots of twists and turns with an ending that becomes pretty obvious partway through, but still very enjoyable.

* New Watchmen posters do little to make me feel better about that flick... Everything looks too slick, too neat and clean, which is not how I picture that world, aside from specific places/people. I'm trying not to hate everything I see related to the movie, but nothing so far has impressed me much aside from the odd shot in the trailers/bits of footage I've seen. That said, I'm holding any real judgements until seeing the movie, because who actually cares about the posters?

* Though, the trailer for The Spirit looks both fucking insane and fucking awful. It's one thing to see Frank Miller's obsessions on the page, but in live action with stylised green-screen environments... Wow. Fans of the character will no doubt have a shit fit upon release, but it could be one of those wonderful theatre experiences where you see something truly insane that you will never forget.

* I almost picked up the JSA Kingdom Come: Superman special when I learned that Ross didn't paint over his art--something I've wanted to happen for well over ten years. The preview pages didn't look bad, but money is tight and I'm sticking to the essentials right now. Otherwise, despite what I said in last week's Splash Page, I would have picked it up.