Sunday, November 23, 2008

Best Whatever Lists (A Day Later and...)

Well, CBR has the top 25 comic book fights up and I figured I'd mention it since it relates to what I was talking about yesterday. The voting for this was open to anyone via the Comics Should Be Good blog and I considered voting, but then realised I just don't care. It's a list of the best fights... meh. Not my thing. The list itself is pretty typical with only a few surprises thrown in. Hell, there are only a few things I'd really even question about this list (that Deathstroke Identity Crisis fight being the main one... really?). But, hard to argue against the voted lists, especially when 90% of it is pretty much what you expected to see. People too bent out of shape over the order on lists like this, but, as far as I'm concerned, if it's on the list, that's good enough--especially a small list like this. Where lists usally get interesting is when they're in the 50+ range... that's when you get beyond the expected canonised stuff and really get into the controversial, "really, THAT got voted in?" fun. But, check out that list and see what you think. I will say that the description of that fight from Invincible has me almost wanting to check out that book.