Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Splash Page 33: The No-Longer-Secret Origins of Tim and Chad

In this week's Splash Page, Tim and I discuss ourselves. How did we begin reading comics? Why have we continued? Why do we write about them? Which comic character would we most like to have sex with? All of these questions are answered! Well, not the comic character sex one, because... well, I don't know why because. I do have an answer to that question, though. In fact, I know which three comic book characters I would like to date, in what order, and why the first two relationships would end. But, I figure I'll keep that little bit of weirdness to myself. Unless people begin begging for that info and then who knows. I've said much weirder and more revealing things online. I've kind of gotten off-topic, haven't I?

Well, if you ever wanted to know how Wildstorm was to me what Vertigo was to Tim, you'll find that and much, much more in... THE SPLASH PAGE!!!