Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Joe Casey Comics Update

Taking a break from our good friend Joe Casey as I decide what's next. Still need a few issues to complete his Adventures of Superman run; would prefer to get some "essential" editions and Earth's Mightiest Heroes II before tackling his "Fill in Stan Lee's plotholes" projects; need the final issue of Infantry; need to buy all of his Kiss and GI Joe work; am waiting for that new collected edition of Codeflesh; have a couple of his works back at my parents' house that I need to get (The Milkman Murders and Full Moon Fever); still need to get a few of his OGNs; and, finally, Automatic Kafka still seems too big for me to tackle just yet. Maybe I'll get into it next, though.

So, get used to some quiet time for now. I'll try and do some lengthier non-Casey posts in the coming weeks.