Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Sunday Open: Third Week of June 2008

[Yeah, this is a post of reviews of the comics I got in the past week. It is random (well, in alphabetical order, actually, but I meant random in what I have to say, not the order in which I discuss the books) and not any real attempt to review in any traditional sense of the word. Really, it's me looking through the stack and talking about what occurs to me. Not to be taken seriously by anyone.]

Anna Mercury #2

Not quite what I figured it would be after the first issue. Was expecting something along the lines of Grant Morrison jumping into a fictional world and shit like that. Not that this is worse, just not what I was expecting. It's an alright comic, but I strangely prefer the stuff in the real world to Anna Mercury's adventures on the moon or whatever. Backroom politics, secret government programmes... in this world, all of the G8 countries have stations like this, so I want to see them. I want to see the Canadian one, I really do. What?

ClanDestine #4-5

Rather enjoyed this series. It told a complete tale, but also didn't satisfy really. Mostly, I want to learn all about Vincent, I do. The end of issue five suggests future stories and I hope low sales don't kill that chance. Of course, I didn't get these last two issues until this week because the shops in Windsor are fucking sold out of the things. That happens with a lot of books I enjoy: can't find them here and can barely find them in London. Um, maybe some books are a little underordered maybe? (And yeah, I know I used the word "maybe" twice there.) Weird guessing game, I know, but when I'm not getting certain new books on Wednesday or Thursday... well, something isn't right. And, funny enough, big seller books tend to sit on the shelves, overordered. Not that I blame retailers, because who knows what people want really. But, yeah, good comics. When the trade if out, pick up the mini. Well worth your time, effort and money.

Doktor Sleepless #7

Things move to a head... hahahahahahaha... oh, I love horrible puns. Okay, I don't, but I didn't even catch that one until I wrote it. Ah well. Decent issue, we'll see what issue eight brings.

Ghost Rider #24

Motherfucker broke into prison and starts a riot indirectly. I love the brutality of the character here. Jason Aaron makes no attempt to give Blaze any redeeming characteristics, really. All we've got is a guy who got fucked over and wants revenge--and is brutal in getting it. Lovely comic.

Gødland #23

Alternate reality! Squeeeeeeeeeeeee! I love those alternate realities and about damn time one has shown up here. I am a little bothered that Adam can sense things are amiss since that's the oldest trick in the book, but he also has special cosmic superpowers, so... I love how goddamn selfish Neela is. Seriously, ever since issue one, she's just been focused on herself at the price of everyone else--and now she's rebuilt reality just so she's the hero and her brother isn't. That's messed up.

Guardians of the Galaxy #2

Gave this a second issue to win me over and it kind of has. Almost. Maybe. I dunno. It reads alright on the surface, just isn't getting me in my special areas is all. DnA aren't touching my special areas and that's a bad thing.

The Programme #11

The Russians are fucked. Fucking right. USA! USA! USA! will surprise us all I'm sure. A weird comic.

Punisher War Journal #20

Frank purposefully fighting unlike himself is a great touch. The rest of the issue was all kinds of meh.

Rasl #2

I strangely like this book. But, it does involve alternate realities, so... Alternate realities where Bob Dylan went by Robert Zimmerman and still somehow recorded Blonde on Blonde. What are the fucking odds? No, really, that is freaky. Since he wasn't called Bob Dylan, his life should be very different--probably still a musician, but even the time displacement of Zimmerman instead of Dylan should be enough to ensure that Blonde on Blonde never got made. Weird. But, yeah, good comic.

Scalped #18

Again, Tim, thank you.

Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust?

I got this for the Noh-Varr story and it wasn't the horrible piece of shit I expected. It wasn't any good either, but it didn't piss me off. Nothing here pissed me off because it all so stupidly unnecessary and bland. Really, was there a point here? Any point at all? Because I sure as hell can't see one.

Gotta love the title's throwback to Civil War, eh? While I'm thinking about that, why is that new mini-series by Christos Gage called Civil War: House of M when it should be the other way around? That makes it sound like it takes place during Civil War when really it's a civil war during House of M. It's fucking backwards, you morons.

Oh, and Marvel is releasing Marvel Boy in hardcover come September, which is... oh, around eight months late. They should have had that fucker out before Secret Invasion and Final Crisis to capitalise on both. Yes, use DC to move books, fellas. I'm probably going to buy a copy because I love that series and, well, I said I would in a Splash Page. But, still, Marvel's release schedule of trades is fucked. They really botched the whole Eternals thing as far as I'm concerned. For one thing, the Gaimain mini's trade should have came out BEFORE the new series began, not the week after. That's dumb. And don't tell me a printing issue moved things around, because it should have been out several weeks before--or, ready to be out weeks before, but purposefully shipped one week before. But, you know, whatever, not my company.

Tiny Titans #1

Finally found an issue of this series after reading Tim's praise for a while. It's a cute little comic that had a few moments that made me laugh. Especially Robin asking Speedy if he can run fast. That name makes no fucking sense. Good little book. If I come across more issues, I'll buy them.

War is Hell: The First Flight of the Phantom Eagle #4

I do hope everyone notices that most of this book is people talking. The fights are short, brutal and utterly without glamour. This book lives between battles. It's a bit more subdued than most Ennis stuff I've read. But, it's good.

Young Liars #4

...Sadie was a virgin? Jesus. Freddie is a bit of a douche. I'm enjoying this book more with each issue.

And, yeah, I got some trades somewhere in there, I think, I dunno. I know I got a cheap copy of Pride & Joy and it was good. I reread Mike Carey and Denise Mina's runs on Hellblazer and enjoyed them for different reasons. They're both still the weakest writers on the book that I've encountered--but, well, maybe my love of Constantine blinds me and makes me unable to dislike the books. Although, the weird one-off issue in the middle of Mina's run is fucked up.

This upcoming week is big just as money is getting tight. Fucking hell.