Friday, June 06, 2008

The Splash Page 18: Summer Reading '08

In this week's Splash Page, Tim and I make some recommendations for summer reading. We each pick a new collection/trade that we haven't read, a new one we have read (most likely in singles), and an old one we really like. So, odds are, you'll find something in this column to spend your money and time on. I know I did. I mean, there are at least seven books mentioned (I think maybe nine, actually), so there should be something on the list that you haven't read. And, if you've read it all, why don't you have a column, Mr. Smart Guy? Because you should--you seem to know a lot about comics and are very well read. I'd read your column.

But, since you don't have one, why don't you read the one I do with Tim? THE SPLASH PAGE!!!