Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Random Things

My internet is down during the day from Monday to Wednesday this week, so I'll resume normal posting on Thursday. Sure, I could do my usual Tuesday post now, but I don't want to.

The tentative program for the PCA/ACA conference I will be attending in San Francisco in March is up and I will be on a panel called "The Architecture of Language." It's on the Thursday (March 20) at 10 am and I got the lucky random draw of chairing the panel. Still have to write the paper, but am not too worried since it is an update/expansion of something I wrote here (my Codeflesh essay).

As well, was a little annoyed last week after I did my post on Starlin's use of religious themes in his work and remembered a call for papers on comics and religion. The problem? The conference is in early April in Boston, which is the exact wrong time for me (as I'll be finishing up my thesis then) and I can't afford it because of the SF trip a few weeks earlier. Damn you, comics-related conferences and all looking so good! (To be fair, there's no guarantee my proposal would have been accepted anyway.)


Have a site question for anyone who reads. Around six years ago, I did an online column (up until two years ago) and for a period of six months, I included interviews with comic creators. Last week, I hunted that stuff down and, wow, I was a bit of an idiot when I was younger. These are totally amateur-hour interviews and really show me to have been an immature 18-year-old--and also show that, yes, many comic creators will answer any stupid questions for a little bit more publicity. My question: would people be interested in seeing these here? I need something to fill the hole Starlin has left and these could kill a few weeks (there are somewhere between eight and twelve--creators like Tom Peyer, Mark Millar, Joe Casey, Peter David and others). If there's interest, I may do it--"may" being the key word as, like I said, I don't exactly come off in the best light. But, hey, what's a little embarrassment online?

Until Thursday.