Saturday, January 26, 2008

Joe Casey Comics: Cable #54

[Continuing my look at Joe Casey's run on Cable. New posts Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.]

After last issue's end, Cable crashes down to earth in Wakanda, allowing Casey to draw parallels between the Black Panther and Cable. Both are men with heavy burdens and set paths. In this issue, T'Challa's cousin, a doctor who lives in New York, allies himself with Klaw as he feels T'Challa is not leading Wakanda in the right direction, which reminds me of Ch'vayre's role in the previous issues and his willingness to work with Cable's enemies if it meant putting Cable on the so-called "right path."

The story itself is pretty basic with the thematic connection between Cable and T'Challa mattering more than anything else. And, even then, there's not a whole lot there. Maybe T'Challa provides an example of a man who has accepted his fate and does his best to live up to it, while Cable is still unsure about his. He questions if he would have had the ability to kill Apocalypse had he been in his hibernation chamber in the previous issue.

The real star of this issue is Ladronn as he's at his most Kirby drawing the Black Panther and Wakanda. The art is gorgeous here as he draws big Kirby machines and dynamic fight scenes. As well, apparently, Ladronn's art caused quite a debate when he first came on the book. In the letters page of this issue, one letter-writer hates the art, while another used to hate it until issue 51 and another never liked Kirby's work but loves Ladronn.

Casey includes a scene marking the return of Blaquesmith to the book, demonstrating how Casey will often take past elements of the character and use them to push the book forward.

Next issue, Domino returns. Fun.