Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Link Catch-up

I wanted to catch you up on some reviews I've written in the past month for Playback St. Louis, a local website which does reviews of everything, including comics:

I did a highly unfavorable review of The Weirdly World of Strange Eggs;
a sneak peek review of the first issue of The End League;
and my own top 10 lists for 2007, one for graphic novels and trades and one for comics published in individual form this year.

The GN list is a bit of a cheat, seeing as how three of the books on the list (Shortcomings, Paris, and The Other Side) I actually read in individual issue form this year instead of in trade. But they still deserve their places, dammit.

The only caveat is that I wish I had read Exit Wounds sooner (I just read it and am writing a review of it that will hit the site on Friday) because it would have placed about 4th, bumped everything down and knocked Elk's Run completely off the list.