Monday, November 12, 2007

Two CFPs

I'll be posting, once Chad finishes up his exploration of cosmic comics done by Marvel, about the two conferences I attended in October. At both conferences I presented on comics to two very different crowds, and I'll tell you all about what I said and what I learned very soon.

For now I wanted to share some info about two upcoming conferences which I might be attending in the spring, for the purpose of... well, letting Chad know to see if he wanted to submit anything to one or both of them as well.

The first conference is held in conjunction with Wondercon in San Francisco during the last weekend of February. Their website is woefully out of date, since it doesn't even mention this year's conference at San Francisco, only last year's at San Diego. But I'm told by the coordinator, Peter Coogan, that the deadline for submissions is the end of November. If you want more info I can forward his email on to you; just let me know.

The other is held annually in Gainesville, Florida, and it focuses on a different theme each year. In past years it dealt with images of childhood in comics and world-building. This year the focus is on gender, sex, and sexuality. The conference is Easter weekend, March 21-22 2008, and the deadline for submissions is December 1st. For more info, check out this call for papers.

I've already submitted a paper to the one in SF, and I am currently trying to decide about the one in Gainesville, although I'm leaning towards going. More details on the abstracts I submitted (and whether or not they were accepted) in a future post.

(What do you think, Chad? Any interest?)