Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hello Cosmic Part 7: Silver Surfer/Warlock Resurrection

With Silver Surfer/Warlock: Resurrection, we're back to Jim Starlin writing and drawing. The story is a follow-up to his graphic novel, Silver Surfer: Homecoming where the Silver Surfer's love from his days as Norrin Radd, Shalla Bal died. Here, Adam Warlock tells the Surfer that he can maybe bring her back... but if he does the Silver Surfer this favour, one day, and that day may never come, but one day, he may come to the Surfer with a favour of his own and the Surfer will do that favour for Adam Warlock.

First, the group opens a portal and fight a bunch of undead people--and bring back Shalla Bal's body, but without a soul. So they invade Death's realm, but Shalla Bal's soul is not there. So, they have to take on Mephisto with it all coming down to Warlock versus the devil basically--and who is the true master of souls. Warlock wins, Shalla Bal's soul is united with her body and everything is all great and shit.

Except the loving couple can't be together and apparently Warlock knew that this would happen and is a douchebag as a result--or because he didn't do it just to be a nice guy, but to get the Surfer to owe him one. Now, I don't really care what his motives are as he brought Shalla Bal back from the dead and, in the process, risked his life and immortal soul. Does the why really matter?

This is probably the weakest of the Starlin books I've read so far. Its plot isn't that great, the action sequences are alright and there isn't a lot of subtext. It works in that it once again shows just how powerful Adam Warlock is and how emotionless and cold he can be. It also sets up the Surfer owing him a favour.

Resurrection isn't a bad comic. It's entertaining for the most part and has a few cool moments. Starlin's use of the less-than-intelligent Drax is always good for a laugh. As is the way that Warlock goes about getting the Surfer to listen to him: he has Pip teleport Drax right into the Surfer's path, knock him off his board and then steal it.

There's also an interesting moment where Mephisto seems to lust after the Silver Surfer's soul, arguing its purity as something very desirable. However, in the years since the Surfer has been free from Galactus, his soul has gradually been tainted to the point where it lacks the purity that Mephisto craves. Apparently, Galactus continually purified the Surfer's soul in an effort to keep him loyal and not feel guilt about dooming planets. I don't know if this was mentioned before this (or if it's Starlin's idea), but it's pretty cool.

This probably could have been a Silver Surfer or Warlock & the Infinity Watch arc, but I think it got its own mini because Starlin was pulling double-duty. Probably something only completists want, but a decent enough read.

Well, I'll be taking a break from this series until some eBay orders arrive. Hopefully, Steve will fill us in on his conferences in the meantime.