Sunday, November 04, 2007

new reviews

I still owe the blog conference reports for my presentations in the first and second weekends of October, and I want to fill in our loyal readership (of three or four people) about the conferences I will be presenting at in the spring as well. I will get to those posts, hopefully in the next week. But for now I have some other news to share.

I'm currently writing reviews for a website called Playback STL. They're St. Louis-based and they cover all aspects of pop culture: film, books, music, and comics. To date I've done a review of Narcoleptic Sunday and Chance in Hell. The review of Chance in Hell got me featured in Journalista, the blog of The Comics Journal, on Friday.

My reviews come around every two weeks, and the next one up will be for Best American Comics 2007. But I thought I'd share these reviews with you now. Let me know what you think!