Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Rated R Reviews: Secret Warriors #9

Secret Warriors #9: I remember when I loved this book quite a bit. Wait, that was only two or three issues ago... what? This issue isn't bad, but it doesn't have anything that really grabs me. I'm still wondering how Alex and Ares's relationship here meshes with that issue of Dark Avengers where Ares follows him to Fury's base... The end of the issue also lacks a lot of drama or purpose because we've all read that "List" issue that completes that particular plot. Nice job, Marvel.

But, questions beyond this book:

Is it just me or are the Dark Avengers really bad at fighting? Have they won a fight against anyone yet? Everytime they show up, they get their asses handed to them. Now, here, it makes sense, because these kids are trained by Nick Fury to kick ass. But still... how effective is that group when they can't beat anyone? That's why you don't hire villains as your superhero team: you're hiring losers.

The constant jobbing out of Bullseye/Hawkeye... doesn't that just make Daredevil look like a wimp? His arch-enemy gets his ass handed to him on a regular basis -- where does that put Daredevil as far as skill goes? Can Yo-Yo or American Eagle beat up Daredevil?

Not beyond the book, but going back to my New Avengers review... why doesn't Daisy use her powers to kill Osborn here? She clearly has the abilities and the right attitude... I hate comics sometimes. Norman Osborn (and most other characters) should be dead many times over.

Otherwise, this issue just didn't click for me. Still better than most of what's published.