Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rated R Reviews: Absolution #3

Absolution #3: Think of this as the other side of New Avengers #58 where a hero kills and, yet, it's just as simplistic and vaguely insulting to the intelligence. That's not to say that I don't enjoy Absolution, but it does very little to actually explore that dark grey area where the hero kills. He does it, he stresses over people finding out, he continues doing it, a villain gets involved, he's got a patsy. Not exactly insightful. What it does get right is John Dusk not just killing murderers. My biggest issue with capital punishment is, honestly, not the sanctity of life -- since that's something I've never really believed in as an absolute, preferring to defend the quality of life not life itself -- but that it's only applied to murder, a crime that doesn't top my list of the worst thing someone can do. It's theft on a grand stage, but it's a crime that, ultimately, harms those around the victim more as they feel the loss and pain where the victim doesn't anymore. So, it's built up as bigger, as justice for the family and friends. Now, I can only imagine, but rape has always struck me as far more damaging to the victim who lives on with the memories of that experience... that's always seemed worse, more damaging. And, yet, that crime is barely discussed on the same level as murder (though the disparity has gotten better over the past decade or so)... I can understand why, but it's never seemed right to me that something so damaging to the victim that it acts as continuing attack, a continuing level of pain and suffering should be downplayed... I do like that Dusk goes after rapists, seeing them as just as evil and worthless as murderers. I do wish that this book was more nuanced, as well. It's the example that going the other way isn't always better, it's just the same thing.