Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sketch Reviews (March 14, 2012)

"Hope I'm a fast healer, fast as hell..."

Skipping last week entirely. If you must know, the ratings were as follows: [**3/4]. [***1/2], [***3/4], [***1/2], [***3/4], [***1/2], [dropped], [***1/2], and [***1/2].

Avengers #24: Those three panels where Norman Osborn goes from Hulked out and insanely powerful with a dominant grin to beginning to fall apart and thinking "Oh, no," to falling apart... that's this entire story. And it's not over yet (New Avengers #24 is two weeks away!). There is something refreshing about Bendis and Marvel not even pretending like the good guys weren't going to win. It's not really a spoiler if you know it's coming. Also, the Avengers beat Osborn by bad touching him. REMEMBER THAT ALWAYS. [***1/2]

Avengers Assemble #1: Did you know that Bryan Hitch gets a credit for designing Hawkeye's costume? I'm not kidding. Olivier Coipel is most likely wishing he'd done a better job with his contract when redesigning Thor... I genuinely want to see every Luke Cage comic from now on feature a "Luke Cage's personality created by Brian Michael Bendis." Soon, credits pages will become long lists of acknowleding everyone's contribution to everything. Isn't that what we all want? Just a little recognition. Of course it is. I did enjoy Hawkeye trying to get Black Widow to make him look good at his funeral. That seems like something Clint Barton would think about. [**3/4]

Batwoman #7: Oh ye gods... who will defend the art in this comic? Because I'm done with you if you do. I wasn't really on board with Amy Reeder on this book the same way I wouldn't be on board with anyone taking over from JH Williams besides the NEXT best artist in comics, but... who thought Rob Hunter on inks would be a good idea? Who thought that his inking would help overcome the giant void of talent left behind by Williams? It's like everyone sat down, decided that following Williams was hopeless, so why not go in the exact opposite direction... you know, ugly shit. I've seen Reeder's art look leagues better than this. This comic was barely readable. I know, I know, one shouldn't just lay into an inker like this, especially when one is as ignorant about art as I am, but when every single thing I've seen his brush/pen/random twig touch has made genuinely talented artists look like rank amateurs... well, fuck, prove me wrong. [One big metaphor for the 'Nu52']

Captian America #9: This actually reminded me of comics I read as a kid. I don't know if that's good or not. [I turned ten in 1993, so take from that what you will...]

Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE #7: Another comic where the inker had a dramatic effect on the art -- and again in a way that was less than pleasing to me. I'm sure there are people who prefer the cleaner look of Walden Wong's inks on Alberto Ponticelli's pencils. Those people are wrong. Or friends of Wong's. Probably. (Even Wong couldn't hide the crazy Frankenstein on page three as he kicks in a door and proclaims that he hates technology.) What's kind of funny is how this issue is an exercise in every threat that was built up last issue being revealed as nothing worth sweating. I guess once you kill an entire monster planet in the first arc, creating credible threats is a tough job. Good luck, Matt Kindt. [***]

Haunt #22: Sorry all, but that cover is cooler than the entire comic. And I liked the comic. But, that cover... [***** cover, ***3/4 comic]

Journey into Mystery #635: Sometimes, you negotiate with terrorists, I guess. [***1/2]

The Unwritten #35: This issue delivered one thing that I hope for: I don't know where this comic goes now. It also did something surprising: it reminded me how much I dislike the protagonist. Or maybe it's Tommy Taylor I don't like... I don't know. Not quite the 'knock you on your ass and reveal all' issue I was hoping for. But, it shed some light on things and, like I said, has me wondering what happens next. [***3/4]

Wolverine and the X-Men #7: When did Iceman become such a ladies' man? Has Jason Aaron been secretly obsessed with Iceman all of these years and is finally getting the chance to make him seem awesome? If so... godspeed good sir. Wait -- did they say they were blowing up her uterus? There's a GOP joke in there somewhere... [***1/2]