Friday, March 09, 2012


On Wednesday night (or, Thursday morning to be accurate), I wrote my final review for Comic Book Resources and it felt good to be done. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working for the site and am proud of the work I did there. Someone asked me this week if I'd consider making a list of my favourite reviews I wrote and maybe I will someday when I'm missing the gig and want to bask in my 'glory days' as one of those few people who get read by tons of people and actually, amazingly, impact the choices they make in buying comics. Weird, I know.

I've answered it before, but the question that kept coming up since I announced I was leaving was why. Why would I leave? It wasn't fun anymore. It was actually something I began to dread doing a little. When my day job is more fun than writing comic reviews for money... well, that's when you run away. Fast.

And, so, I'm done and there are some people I want to thank (in whatever order seems right to me):

Jonah Weiland for hiring me and continuing to employ me. And to some the regular CBR editors I dealt with over the years: Andy Khouri, Kiel Phegley, and Stephen Gerding. These guys are all Professionals and quick to make sure things get done right.

Steve Sunu, my second reviews editor... for all of, what, three weeks? I didn't get to know Steve much before I left and I look forward to seeing what he does with the team. Make it your own, man.

My fellow reviewers. You guys made me try harder. And stole books I wanted to review every goddamn week in the draft. I'll never forgive any of you.

The comic creators who e-mailed me. You were an endless source of amusement and frustration.

The comic creators who never e-mailed me. You were my favourites.

All of the people who provided me with review copies of their comics. You made the job easier and knew that any review is better than no review. Er, most of the time.

The people who read the reviews. You paid the bills.

Augie De Blieck, Jr. If only because I could never tell when you agreed with me and when you were humouring me.

And, finally, Tim Callahan... you recommended me for the gig. So it's all your fault.

Now, that's done. I'll shut up about this now.