Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sketch Reviews (February 22 2012)

I placed an order with Mile High Comics last week to complete my Starlin Dreadstar collection (when I did a reread in late 2010, I reread my dad's copies) and pick up a couple of things thanks to an awesome discount code and free stuff. They have a habit of saying "Hey, we got a bunch of X, so, if you order $20 or more, you can have it for free!" This time, it was the Jack Kirby Captain America: The Swine trade. So, with that on the way, I looked for the other two Kirby Captain America trades at my shop. They didn't have them. They did have two copies of The Swine. Of course.

Captain America & Bucky #627: Man, I don't care. I went from really, really enjoying this comic, what, two issues ago and, now, I plod my way through and wonder why I bother. It's just some story about some robot that thinks he's better than Captain America, but will soon find out that, no, he is fucking not. Did he not observe the fear and respect the Vision showed Cap in recent issues of Avengers? He knows the score. Even Francavilla's art doesn't do much for me here -- or, at least, it doesn't make me happy to drop some money on this. When he's going to do Daredevil or something? [**]

Deadpool MAX II #5: I spent the first half of this comic confused, because I didn't remember Deadpool getting captured last issue. I didn't particularly care either. This is not a comic where I focus too much on remembering plot details. Save that sort of thinking for the reread, son. Instead, I focus on how Inez is such a good copycat that her body becomes that of an old woman... and Kyle Baker draws a naked old lady who's really a naked young, hot lady. Or how this is my favourite Cable. One more issue left. And the plan is insane. [****1/4]

The Mighty Thor #11: Is it just me or is this evil plan pretty bad? It didn't take long for everyone to figure it out... I also love how ads for issue twelve promote it as the final battle between Thor and Tanarus despite there being no other battles. Sure, Thor has kicked the crap out of Ulik, but this is different! ...I think? Ah, probably not... [***1/2]

RASL #13: I love the two panels where Robert tells the doctor he doesn't know that he doesn't know him and to sit down... and then the doctor sits down. I don't know why, I just love them. [****]

Wolverine and the X-Men #6: As I mentioned regarding issue five... I really don't care about the plot. This issue had less 'hanging out' than the last few and, therefore, I cared less. Kid Gladiator amuses me, though. Quentin Quire... not so much. [***1/4]