Thursday, February 02, 2012

Sketch Reviews (February 2 2012)

Fun weeks for comics, no? I expand upon my Before Watchmen thoughts a bit in an upcoming podcast with Kevin Hellions that I recorded this morning, so I won't talk much about it. I will say that I'm going to buy the books -- and I will be doing a weekly discussion thing on the comics with Brian Cronin over at Comics Should be Good. So, depending on how much you like Brian and I, this isn't all bad, right? As for my announcement on Sunday, I don't have much to add. I don't think it's too difficult to figure out my reasons.

Action Comics #6: An odd detour. This feels like a recycled idea Morrison had for All-Star Superman if he'd done more of that after the first 12 issues. Not necessarily a bad thing and I can appreciate the idea of not advancing the 'main' story without the regular artist. Yet, this story doesn't feel like it was worth telling either. Some nice moments, sure. The point, though? [**1/2]

Animal Man #6: When comics do issues like this, people usually lose their mind with praise. Sometimes I get it, sometimes I don't. This issue, besides giving me some John Paul Leon art, seems rather pointless. "Hey, look, Buddy Baker starred in a really bad movie once!" That's about it. I can see the thematic relationship to what's going on in the main story, I just don't think that it adds anything. Like Action Comics, this seemed like the book was put on hold simply because the regular artist couldn't do the issue (or the entire issue). [**]

Avengers: X-Sanction #3: I really liked this issue. It's dumb fun. Cable killing the Avengers for no reason other than a future that may never happen. When the X-Men show up to stop him, I damn near went into a laughing fit over how ridiculous they all are. Cable as an old crazy man muttering to himself and trying to convince people of his twisted logic... I could read that every month. [***3/4]

The Boys #63: Jesus, Hughie... [****]

Fatale #2: I think I need to reread the first issue... [NR]

OMAC #6: It's not fair, but I read Kirby's OMAC series this week after getting the hardcover for my birthday and this series seems a lot less interesting by comparison. Especially with Scott Kolins providing art this issue. I did like Leilani dropping her act almost immediately. [***]

Uncanny X-Men #6: I get it, they're kind of like Xavier and Magneto! Actually, some solid, entertaining stuff. [***1/2]

I also got the Xombi trade. I've only read the first two issues, though. I'm liking it.