Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sketch Reviews (March 24 2011)

It's Thursday and that's New Comics Day for me now. It's like I'm living in the UK one year ago. This is what I get for my 'Guess the Real Spoiler' game, isn't it? Small week for me. Six comics. Four reviews. Do the math and you get two comics left to briefly 'discuss' here. But, wait, one of those comics, I'll be discussing with Kelly over at CSBG, so don't expect much there. Man, these posts just keep getting shittier and shittier...

Deadpool MAX #6: Ever notice how everyone writes the title of this comic differently? Marvel provides no guidance. Then again, why would they? It's a dumb fucking title to give a comic. Dumber than most at least. In a better world, it would simply be titled "Deadpool" and there would be no need for it to distinguish itself from any other Deadpool comics. Because, fuck, having read that 'point 1' comic, why bother? This comic is funny and weird and interesting and that other one is none of those things. Also, Domino's Wikipedia page needs to be updated under the 'Other versions' section to include the events of this comic. Someone get on that. (What? I was checking to see what the character's real name apparently is to see if Lapham used it. He didn't.) [****]

New Mutants #23: Man, next week's Age of X Universe's title just got a whole lot more clever. [***1/2]