Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Quickie Reviews (Feb. 10, 2010)

I bought six comics this week, three of which I'm reviewing for CBR, so it's a pretty small week here in quickie reviews land...

Daytripper #3: I've generally been enjoying this series, but this issue really clicked with me. The twins wrote their asses off here, finding the right balance of mythical love bullshit talk and 'realism.' Bras was more interesting in this issue as well. The ending really hit home what's going on in this series... maybe. The art is sublime, capturing the emotional texture of scenes wonderfullly. The visual storytelling in the market is wonderful. The first issue to realise the potential that the series seemed to have... [****1/2]

Punishermax #4: A solid issue. The fight between the Punisher and the Mennonite was something different. Fisk's plan is almost working. All hope seems lost. Good read. [***1/2]

The Unwritten #10: Jimmy Broxton's finishes give this issue a different visual feel, which makes sense considering the different visual reality. They're in the map! The slow solidification of Goebbels is done well. An odd issue since it has both the best and worst of this series: I find myself disliking Tom Taylor and anything related to him, but liking the framework of his world, how it intersects with fiction. Taylor is annoying; Lizzie is almost equally so with her cliched insistence on being vague and mysterious... It's not too often that I find the disparity between the intellectually stimulating elements of the book and my (dis)interest in the character so great. Is the latter great enough to make the former tolerable? I don't know... [**1/2]