Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Quickie Review (Feb 17 2010)

It's just like last week where I bought six comics: four $2.99 ones and two $3.99 ones. Same deal this week. But, unlike last week, I'm reviewing the four $2.99 books for CBR. That just leaves the $3.99 ones for here...

Captain America #603: This issue continues the "Two Americas" story and features no Tea Party references, sorry. It's just some good covert ops superhero action as the '50s Cap shows why he got to be Captain America for a period of time. He totally outclasses Barnes and Falcon. Luke Ross's art looks a lot better with Dead White's colours. Bold, thick lines, lots of shadows... good stuff. I didn't read the back-up story. Maybe I'll give it a shot at a later date. [***1/2]

Dark Avengers #14: Another comic billed as a tie-in to Siege that isn't actually. Ignoring that, this is a pretty standard/solid issue of Dark Avengers with the focus on Norman Osborn and the Sentry/Void's mental problems leading up to Siege. Victoria Hand continues to be an interesting/fun character. The scene with Bullseye, Moonstone, and her is pretty good. Mike Deodato's style fits the tone of this book so well. The way that these Siege tie-in issues are working, I may have to provide a reading order for this event like I did Secret Invasion. [***1/2]

That's it for this week. Later.