Friday, May 08, 2009

I Bought Comics: I Only Bought SOME Comics, Actually

[Not proper reviews. Not fair. Who cares. This is about some Free Comic Book Day books plus two comics I bought this week, but didn't review for CBR.]

Blackest Night #0

Shouldn't Barry think Jason Todd is Robin, not Dick? Jason had been Robin for, like, three years in the real world before Barry died, so wouldn't he still think Jason is Robin, having also known that Dick adopted the Nightwing identity? And since when are "willpower" and "death" emotions? I don't give a fuck.

Bongo Comics Free-for-All!

Tim Callahan's son liked this book quite a bit, so I'm reluctant to bash it for its utter lack of humour.

Resurrection #0

Didn't read the Tek Jansen back-up since it was originally in the first issue of that comic, which I bought and didn't enjoy at all. I'm not reading that shit again. The main story is interesting and has me wanting more.

Savage Dragon #148

I knew who the mystery woman was before the reveal! And I don't even read this comic! Who da man? WHO DA MAN? This comic was all kinds of printed on paper in colour with words and pictures and yeah not my thing.

The Boys #30

Not a free comic, but I enjoyed this more than pretty much ever free comic despite paying $3.75 for this. Yeah, that's what I paid in Canadian dollars. The fake-out at the beginning made me laugh. Some smaller moments that were nice. A breather issue. And that back cover teaser has me excited for the next issue.

Seaguy: Slaves of Mickey Eye #2

I paid $4.95 for this comic. Next time you whine about $3.99 comics, remember that. And that people in other foreign countries pay even larger sums for their books. And that we all think it's worth it. And the economy is rough here, too. Yeah. And this comic was very fucking good. I also enjoyed it more than any free comic I got on Wednesday. And that's why I usually don't give a fuck about Free Comic Book Day.