Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Splash Page 10: Criminal 2 #2

The new Splash Page is up. Okay, okay, it's a day late and that's my fault with my staying out to all hours drinking and shit with my fellow grad students (followed up with my sitting on the couch, eating chips and watching The Prisoner, which I got on DVD this week--it is amazing, by the way, go buy it). You see, our academic lives are coming to an end and we can't act this way in the "real world," because they tend to call you things like "alcoholics" and "unemployed losers" and "criminals." Speaking of which, Tim and I discuss Criminal 2 #2 (actually, is it officially called Criminal 2 or should we just be calling it Criminal?). Tim, on the other hand, is a responsible man who also delayed the column by going to bed early. We may live on the polar opposites of life, but we came together this week with some shared love for one of the best comics out there. We also drop some knowledge on narrative voice, buying habits and diversity in comics. It's quite possibly the smartest weekly column on comics you'll find... or, at the very least, it's in the top ten. Whatever, just go read it.