Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Joe Casey Comics: Wildcats #15

[Continuing my look at Joe Casey's run on Wildcats. New posts Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.]

Christ, my brain is very, very tired. On Sunday, I lost five thousand words of my novel/thesis in a PDA "fatal error" that caused the document to just disappear. Thankfully, it wasn't a substantive amount of text, only being what I'd written on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So, yesterday, I did a marathon writing session to rewrite it all--and complete the section. But, that did mean the novel is, basically, finished (barring revisions and a couple of additions, plus the essay I have to write for it). That's my way of saying that I'm mentally drained and if this post isn't that long or great, that's why.

Thankfully, this is part two of the six-part "Serial Boxes," so not a whole lot worth discussing.

--Samuel Smith continues to track down and seduce women with the last name Marlowe only to use his superpowers (heat vision) to kill them.

--Noir is assigned to work alongside Void on Halo's Otherspace project.

--Pris continues to shop (and then return her purchases) with the Halo credit card under the name of Marlowe--she and Jeremy discuss their heritage a little and she seems apathetic

--Smith heads for Miami

--the introduction of Agents Wax and Mohr of the National Park Service. They are on the trail of Smith.

--the introduction of Anthony Pacheco, an LAPD captain

--Smith begins his seduction of Pris

What does it all mean? Important characters first appear here, specifically Agent Wax, who is a major player in Casey's run. The Smith v. Marlowe family feud continues as he reaches his penultimate stop. The introduction of Otherspace, a concept from Casey's Mr. Majestic run--and Noir's growing ambitions/antipathy for Void. Note his treatment in subsequent chapters of this story. Jeremy is close to curing Pris, but does she want to be cured of her Daemonite heritage?

Everything is questions right now, which is to be expected. I'll be better on Thursday.