Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Link: Preview of The Last Defenders #1

Newsarama has the first six pages of The Last Defenders #1 up along with a short interview with Joe Casey. It's looking good and, well, page five, panel three, people... heh.

Regular Tuesday post up later. (And I promise I won't post every fucking thing related to this book. I'm just strangely excited about this series. I dunno why.)


Edited, like, six hours later: Oh, I also figured I'd mention that my trip to San Francisco to attended the PCA/ACA conference is off. It's strictly a money thing and the fact that the trip itself would cost more than my rent for the entire summer (which is to say that my rent over the summer is going to be pretty cheap, but still). I'm a little disappointed as I looked forward to spreading some Casey love, but I figure I'll just expand my planned paper a little and try to submit it to some journals. I was thinking of doing something on Casey's use of textual experimentation in storytelling in the last chapter of Codeflesh, the first three issues of Deathlok and the entire run of The Intimates, maybe a couple of other books. Get that written over the summer or something. Or talk about it a lot and ultimately do nothing. Either one.

Again, regular Tuesday post up later.