Saturday, March 15, 2008

The I'ds of March

Over at Comics Should be Good, Brian Cronin is doing something called "the I'ds of March" where he posting a few things he would change if he had the power. Nothing too big, just small changes. He has a post where he calls on others to give some of theirs, but instead of posting there, I'm posting here, because I love all of you more than everyone over there. So, here are ten of my I'ds of March:

1. I'd have left Ladronn on Cable instead of replacing him with Rob Liefeld. And, you know, let Casey tell the story he was setting up instead of passing it off to lesser talents.

2. I'd have made Banshee's X-Corps a legitimate alternative to the X-Men, rather than a corrupt group that lasted for one arc.

3. Like Cronin, I'd have kept Ben Reilly alive and kept him as Spider-Man. It solves all of the so-called problems people had with Spider-Man but with no Satanic deal. It also allowed Peter and Mary Jane to live normal lives with occasional appearances.

4. I'd have continued to set up Nate Grey as a mutant shaman similar to Dr. Strange, having him act as a symbolic counterpoint to Cable in a larger manner, particularly when Cable became all messianic.

5. I'd have continued with Warren Ellis's revamp of Thor--or I'd have made Dan Jurgens's story where Thor as lord of Asgard sets up shop on Earth, causing all sorts of political, social and religious problems a real story rather than a fake one.

6. I'd have published Marvel Boy 2. (And then, of course, the third series to complete the planned trilogy.)

7. I'd have put Steve Dillon on a book of higher quality and more suited to his talents than Wolverine Origins.

8. I'd have signed Frank Quitely to an exclusive contract at Wildstorm so he would have completed Millar's run--and I would have, you know, not censored the book.

9. I'd have made one of the four would-be-Supermen take over the mantle of Superman during "The Reign of the Supermen." Specifically, the "Last Son of Krypton" as he seemed most like a resurrected Superman. I'd have not made that character the Eradicator, I'd have just made it a resurrected Superman that was cold and more violent because of the experience and made the story about his struggle to regain his lost humanity and become the man he was before his death.

10. I'd have continued with Joe Casey's idea of Superman as a pacifist.

Regular Saturday post later. It's Wildcats #3, people. Damn right you'll check in later.