Saturday, December 22, 2007

Joe Casey Comics: Deathlok #9

[Part nine of eleven in my look at Joe Casey's Deathlok run. There are eleven parts, because that's how many issues were published. Had more been published, there would be more posts on the subject, but since none were, we're stuck with eleven. New posts on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.]

The march towards the end continues. Truman has infiltrated Fury's criminal gang! Martin Thraller is on track to become president! The Clown kills people!

Yeah, not much else happens, actually. A lot of shooting and robot craziness... and that's about it.

The only really interesting stuff is Martin Thraller as he makes his opponent reveal all of his wrongdoings during a debate. Or when Princess Python extorts money out of him to keep his Ringmaster past a secret--and he doesn't care, because it's only money and he's going for much bigger things.

Casey has some fun with Nick Fury as a criminal and his old Howling Commandos language. Joe Casey is one of those writers that you can tell he's just having a lot of fun when he's writing. In the end, Nick Fury regains his memory just as the Clown arrives to kill him. "TO BE CONTINUED!"

Next issue is a fun one where John Buscema and Tom Palmer provide the art. Does it actually work for the issue? Tune in next time!