Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Thoughts on September's Previews

It's that time of month again. Yay. Celebrate good times come on.

Actually, every month, right before I look through the new solicits, I am excited, but, by the end, I'm usually ready to swear off comics because it's just piles of shit atop piles of shit. So, let's do this.

DC's September solicitations.

Is there any rational order to these solicits? DC can usually be counted on for SOME semblance of organisation, but this month, it just seems like they're throwing various event books at us in whatever order they feel like it. Good luck finding any comic you're interested in ahead of time in this mess. And then, good luck walking away with any interest in the comics they're peddling.

First up is everything "Countdown" related. Seriously, a year-long story spanning a shitload of books that's really just a lead-up to the actual story? Why would anyone be interested in that? I don't get it, I really don't. Wait a year, save money and then read the fucking synopsis. Bam, done, all set, rock and roll.

Then there's the wedding of Green Arrow and Black Canary, which requires many, many books. I think this wedding may have an equal number of books devoted to it as the weddings of Superman and Lois, Spider-Man and Mary Jane, and Cyclops and Jean Grey did combined (okay, probably not really, but more than any of them individually, which is still kind of messed up). Makes sense.

I do like how the trades are separated from the monthlies this time around. That's one thing Marvel has been doing right for a long time as it recognises that *gasp!* the two are different and possibly attract different types of readers!

Wow. This text comes with the Albion trade in the Wildstorm section: "Reoffered to coincide with ALBION ORIGINS, solicited in the Titans Books section of this Previews." Strangely intelligent on DC's part to re-offer a book to work with the book of another company. Or, it could seem like when the Hives' old record company released Your New Favourite Band (a compilation album originally released in the UK to promote the band) a week before Tyrannosaurus Hives in an effort to bleed off some sales from ignorant consumers. Either way, smart.

It looks like the cyborg dinosaur is back in Deathblow! Seriously, Brian Azzarello is writing a bok featuring a cyborg dinosaur. Doesn't that strike anyone else as odd?

Aren't The Authoriteens the cutest little heroes you've ever seen? I just want to squeeze 'em!

Aaaaaaaand . . . nothing else interests me.

Marvel's September solicitations.

"This is the Goblin arc no Ultimate reader can afford to miss!" (inre: Ultimate Spider-Man #113-114) Just so you know.

While I love the fact that there's an Immortal Iron Fist annual, I am disappointed at the fact that there's no actual issue in September. Remember when annuals were IN ADDITION TO the series?

Not only does Penance get his own mini, but also his own issue of Thunderbolts. Hmm, Paul Jenkins v. Warren Ellis. Who ever shall win? Is there really such a demand for S&M heroes?

I really do love New Avengers #34's cover. Is it an alternate reality story? An effort to fuck with the Skrulls? OR a team of Skrulls posing as the New Avengers, but in different forms to fuck with the New Avengers' heads? (Also, is that Steve Rogers or Clint Barton as Captain America? I'm betting Barton.)

Wow, I'm actually tempted to buy Moon Knight #13 with this solicitation: "The Initiative. Membership has its privileges. Backed into a corner, Marc Spector does what they least expect him to. He's here for his registration card, and he's willing to do whatever it takes to get one. Repeat: Whatever it takes." Could be interesting.

When did Skottie young begin delivering such cool covers?

I keep having deju vu feelings with Marvel's trade solicits as I keep seeing items I could have swore I saw there months ago--before realising maybe it was in that stupid hardcover format that they--and others--seem so fond of. I miss the old deluxe hardcovers that they only use for the odd thing now (thankfully, they continue to do so for Punisher MAX). Those were great.

And that does it for this month. Next month, I promise to praise DC and make fun of Marvel more to make things even steven.