Monday, August 15, 2011

Blogathon 28: Put on Your Tights and Give Them Hell Part Seven

[Concluding my discussion of The Dark Knight Strikes Again.]

Why The Dark Knight Strikes Again is awesome:

Superman fucks Wonder Woman so hard the Earth literally moves. Batman gets together his old buddies so they can fuck some shit up with the kids. Green Arrow's cybernetic arm. Giant frog Brainiac. The callback to Superman's beatdown from The Dark Knight Returns. The Elongated Man advertising Gingold as a sexual stimulant drug. Barry Allen's short shorts and black Flash costume. How ridiculous Catgirl looks. Carving a zed on Lex Luthor's face. Steve Ditko's Question. The many costumes of Dick Grayson. "I'm done talking. Get out of my cave." The grizzled, cracking look of the Martian Manhunter. The giant SHAZAM! Captain Marvel's final speech. The way Wonder Woman just looks strong and proud. Hawk and Dove in their costumes. The Hawk-kids. Hal Jordan's otherworld family life. The Batman TV show climbing up a building page with the insane inmates of Arkham. The way that Batman loves his life in a way that he never does in other comics. That first shot of Superman in space. Creepy fat thug Lex Luthor. Computer colours that also uses solid colours sometimes. Dick Grayson catching his own head. Batman rallying the youth to rise up and fuck shit up. Catgirl swallowing the Atom. Bizarrobot. More visual references than you can shake a stick at. The giant eye of Batman on the cover of the trade. Beaten to a pulp Superman. The way his S symbol looks different when he and Wonder Woman are about to have sex and from that point on. Mini-Kryptonians and their harsh justice. Green Arrow 'debating' the Question. The Batboys. The grief-stricken Wonder Woman after Captain Marvel sacrifices himself. Superman's locket. The 34-panel page. How Plastic Man and the Elongated Man hate one another. Big green gloves. Virtual president. The commands to blow up the Batcave and disarm the self-destruct sequence. The way that Batman doesn't give a fuck what Superman thinks. Wonder Woman throws lightning while riding a pegasus. Superman and his daughter. Hologram Batman looking straight out of The Dark Knight Returns. Crashing the flying Batcar through hired goons. Taking a beating just for the hell of it and following it up with some tea. Pages I could stare at for days (and probably have by this point). The excitement I can't help but feel at the end of the first and second issues. The final panel.

In 30 minutes, I'll begin discussing Omega the Unknown.

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