Friday, October 05, 2007

Giant-Sized X-Statix Versus Owen Wilson #1

Now, I'm sure all of you have had dreams that involves comics. They could be dreams about interacting with characters or involving comics themselves or maybe even creators (although, that one is a bit weirder). Last night, I had a weird dream about shopping for comics that I will share only because I feel like it.

I don't remember the narrative of the dream, just that I was buying comics at my shop in London. There are only four comics I remember:

Authority #3. Yes, in my dream, the fabled third issue of Morrison and Ha's run came out. That seems the most likely place for it to happen.

An unknown issue of Midnighter that was part whatever of some storyline that had "fag" or "queer" or something in the title. My subconscious mocks writers for making an aspect of the character the central characteristic of the character.

Issue four of a Captain America mini-series with art by Ashley Wood. It involved a non-Steve Rogers Captain America captured by some bad people. And the art was fantastic.

But, the oddest book was some weird X-Men trade paperback that collected various stories. It was a misprint or non-continuity thing, because it was actually sold in a bag with a note from my retailer that touted it as fucked up. One story had an editor's note to explain an event that apparently happened in a book titled "Giant-Sized X-Statix Versus Owen Wilson #1". I believe, even in my dream, I said "What the fuck? That's awesome!" And it would be awesome. I want that comic.

For some reason, though, the trade cost $129.99 Canadian. My retailer was selling it for thirty bucks, but the cover price was insane. Probably because of Marvel's inability to price their products well in Canada.

So, what we learned:

1. Authority #3 should come out, but probably never will except in our dreams.

2. Yes, Midnighter is gay, but he's more than that.

3. Ashley Wood should draw a Captain America story.

4. "Giant-Sized X-Statix Versus Owen Wilson #1" is the greatest comic idea ever.

5. Marvel price-gouges Canadians.

My subconscious is wise.