Thursday, August 30, 2012

EXCLUSIVE! Chad Nevett's Comic Book Mini-Reviews and Star Ratings for the Week of August 29, 2012

I'm listening to Everybody's Rockin' by Neil Young & the Shocking Pinks. It's pleasant enough. I still have a few big gaps in my Neil Young collection, so I'm trying to fill them. His 'bad' stuff from the '80s is the biggest gap as, up until buying this album last night, I jumped from Live Rust to the Eldorado EP in my collection. Also: Everybody's Rockin' was the first album Young released after I was born, so I've gotta love it a little.

Journey into Mystery #642: More a story that's come out of Journey into Mystery that The Mighty Thor seems to have latched onto, I'm not complaining about that. The first bit of this comic is sluggish, but gets moving when it comes down to just Loki and Thor. Loki laying out how he'd fucked everyone over his last few adventures, all while trying to do the right thing, was excellent and made this feel like a story that's been built up to. The end of the issue was a bit dumb with that old mob mentality bullshit from characters that are supposed to be better than that. [***1/2]

Prophet #28: For some reason, I really liked the scene with the drugged drink. Kind of funny. Or the roots. I like the small stuff like that. [****]

Spaceman #9: The emotion of this issue is overwhelming at times... goddamn, Risso brings it. This is his show. [****1/4]

Ultimate X-Men #15: Wood's approach here is quite good. The way he's built this new world over the past few issues and forced the characters to confront some harsh realities has been some of his more skillful work. It's a bit nasty and more than a little depressing. I'm glad I stuck with this after the first issue. [****]

Winter Soldier #9: Of course Natasha 'waking up' was part of the plan! It was obvious, but still a great trick, playing with the idiotic convention of 'love' overcoming brainwashing, like somewhere deep inside the 'real' person is screaming to get out. Brubaker doesn't seem to buy that bullshit any more than I ever have... and good on him. [***3/4]