Thursday, June 09, 2011

Sketch Reviews (June 9 2011)

Two trips to the States in two days. Last night, Michelle and I saw the Sam Roberts Band play in Detroit and that was pretty awesome. It's the fourth time I've seen the band live -- first time in five-and-a-half years, though. They played St. Andrews and fuck was that place hot last night. Probably the most physically uncomfortable show I've ever been to. But, the venue offers unlimited pop for five bucks, I bought the CD of the opening act Zeus, and the show itself was fantastic. I even geeked out a bit when they played "Dead End," my favourite song of theirs -- and not one that I've seen cropping up in their recent set-lists that they post on Twitter. So, yeah, it was a good night despite the heat. Then, today, we went shopping and I spent too much money on DVDs. Cheap wrestling sets, all three seasons of Deadwood, the second Sean Connery Bond collection that came out this week, and season one of Archer for ten bucks. Plus, some groceries that aren't available here. Lovely couple of days. Now, comics...

'Breed III #1: Where the first issue left me cold, this one worked a lot more for me. Starlin's art looked a little crisper, more dynamic. I wish he'd tone down the narration a bit, but I'm starting to get into this series. Like I said last week, I got the first trade, but I think I'll wait until the second one comes out to read it. Read them both in one go. [**1/2]

Ghost Rider #0.1: I need to stop buying these 'point one' comics. This was bad. A comic that read like it had ADD and didn't seem to care beyond getting to the end of the comic. Just fucking awful. Waste of goddamn money. [*]

Journey into Mystery #624: Rather enjoying this book. Gillen definitely makes this new version of Loki work. He kind of reminds me of Huey, Dewey, and Louie all rolled into one. That could be because I'm watching DuckTales on DVD right now. [****]

New Avengers #13: So that's what the two stories have to do with one another! Still pretty detatched. I did love the way Deodato drew the sad/guilty Thing's face. That was pretty great. Mostly an issue of spinning its wheels for me, though. [**3/4]

Scalped #49: The stuff with Red Crow has me most intrigued. And, damn, the narration in those final pages... Jason Aaron can write one hell of a comic book sometimes, can't he? Guera continues to impress me more than the last time I saw his art... this book will end someday. I hope that day never comes. [****1/2]

Secret Warriors #27: Two weeks later after my shop got shorted... The Fury/Strucker stuff made me laugh. The other stuff seems like necessary positioning for the final issue, which impressed me less so. Though, Vitti drawing Leviathan men popping was great. [***]

The Unwritten #26: An entertaining comic that sees our protagonists actually doing some shit. Huh. [***1/2]