Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sketch Reviews (May 19 2011)

[Last Thursday, Blogger decided to crash, so I couldn't do my usual Sketch Reviews. I just folded them into this week's batch, because I'm lazy like that.]

Avengers #13: And the Oral History shows up in the present. I like how it merged into what Bendis is doing and is a clever way to discuss the events of Fear Itself. My only complaint is that it's coming too soon -- we haven't hit the present yet in that telling. Now, if it flowed right out of prose pieces into a story, that would have been much better. Still, a strong character issue. That first panel at the Asgardian banquet was great. And Chris Bachalo on art... hey, he makes it work. A strong issue. [****1/4]

Batman: Gates of Gotham #1: A decent story and inconsistent art. The colours really fluctuate here with some panels just looking like awful backgrounds for an animated series. I'm intrigued. [***]

Batman, Incorporated #6: I've said a lot about this comic between the podcast and Random Thoughts. So, yeah, I dug it, wonder about the tone of the art... [****]

Deadpool MAX #8: Bob's past isn't quite as fucked up/funny as Deadpool's, but still good. Nothing here is that surprising, but I do love how we keep getting a remixed version of the Marvel universe. And this version of Cable is awesome. The way that Baker draws this issue is looser and darker. I love the texture of the art by the end. [****1/4]

Journey into Mystery #623: Pencil crayons! [****]

Punishermax #13: Damn good comics right here. [****1/2]

Ultimate Avengers vs. New Ultimates #4: The guy at my shop accidentally put this week's issue of Ultimate Spider-Man in my stack, because they look the goddamn same. I only noticed when he was ringing me up. Designs are cool and all, but if you can't tell what the fucking comic is... Still enjoying this mini, more than any of the previous ones. The Spider-Man stuff just kind of shows up and is dropped, which is odd. Gregory being the man behind it all was obvious and I'm glad Millar didn't even try to drag that out. Where the book goes from here is a bit of a question mark. [***3/4]

X-Men: Prelude to Schism #2: I'm getting Schism and enjoyed the first issue of this lead-in series enough that I figured I'd just stick with it. Oddly, this issue takes place within the first issue, but mostly before it. It would be weird if it actually moves backwards, ending with the reveal of the threat. Otherwise, this was a step down. The Magneto story was more heavy-handed and inorganic than the Xavier one last issue. The art wasn't as good. I'm curious to see what the broad shape of this series will be, though. Whatever, it's half over and the world is ending on Saturday anyway. You can't stop that, Cyclops. You can't stop God. [**3/4]