Thursday, April 07, 2011

Sketch Reviews (April 7 2011)

Today has been positively lovely. The weather turned gorgeous while I was out getting comics, had a seat on the bus both ways, got everything I wanted, came home to a Blue Jays game on the TV, which I watched and ate lunch to before muting it and reading comics with it on in the background. Sure, the Jays lost, but it was still a good game. Very good performance by Rick Romero. I'm just happy to be watching a game. Sportsnet put up an Excel file with a complete TV schedule for the season, so I went over it last night, deleting all of the games I can't watch because of work, podcasting, and wrestling shows... plus any that air on the Sportsnet One channel, since I don't get that. That leaves mostly Tuesday night and Thursday afternoon games with some Monday afternoons thrown in plus the odd game on Saturday or Sunday night that I can watch after work. Not too bad. I am beginning to think that Tim and I should have taken a summer break from podcasting, not that one in January. Ah well. Onto comics!

The Boys #53: A disappointing issue. Nothing we haven't seen from Ennis before, even in this book. An amusing idea to apply the concept of defective weaponry to superheroes in World War 2, but that's about it. One of the weakest issues in a long time. [**]

Fear Itself #1: An enjoyable first issue. This felt like more of a 'prologue' than the actual prologue comic. Fraction writes a much better Odin and Thor here than he did on that title. His Odin reminds me of Warren Ellis version, which is one I always particularly enjoyed. His beatdown of Thor was insane. I liked the mirroring of them with the Serpent and Skadi. And, of course, Stuart fucking Immonen on art. Not a 'blow you away' first issue, but quite good. [***1/2]

glamourpuss #18: My retailer commented that I still buy this (am I the only one at my shop who does?). Actually, he said "You're still reading this?" Not in a mocking way, in a curious tone. I told him, no. I'm buying it, but I haven't read an issue for a while now, saving them up. Someday, though... someday. [N/A]

Ultimate Captain America #4: So, Captain America's best comeback to all that he heard was "I knew about that! Protecting freedom is tough work!"? And, then, he thinks that God saved him. I can't tell if this is a sincere book or some of the dryest, most cynical mockery of a mainstream superhero that I've seen in a long time. The more I think about it, the more I can't help but see this whole series as one big joke... probably not the way it was intended, but I may just have to read it that way nonetheless. "Choose Your Own Interpretation!" [***]

Who is Jake Ellis? #3: Tonci Zonjic knocked this issue out of the park. The writing is solid and gets in a clever bit here and there, but this is Zonjic's show. The coloring at the club? Fantastic. [***3/4]

Wolverine #7: I missed this last week. I liked the first part of this storyarc to pick up the whole thing. Glad I did, because this was a really good issue. Great art from Daniel Acuña... seeing him draw those different Logans was cool. I'm looking forward to the finale. [****]