Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Quickie Reviews (September 8 2010)

Ah... new comics day for Canadians only. It's nice. While waiting for the bus after buying comics, an old man stopped his car and asked if I was heading to the University. I was since I live a few blocks away and the 7-Eleven I frequent (and was going to stop by before coming home) is across the street from campus. So, he offered me a ride. Now, rule #1 that we all know is don't get in the car with strangers and, after watching "That's My Dog" the other day, I'm especially wary of Those I Do Not Know, so I turned him down. Not that I would have taken him up on the offer, because it's a little strange. Hopefully just a random act of kindness, but I'm too pretty to die and too cautious to take chances. Now: comics. I will be spoiler-free and extra brief...


Batman: Odyssey #3: I... read this comic. The opening interaction between Bruce and Alfred is definitely unique and seems like it happened right after that early adventure we've seen, but it doesn't? Why is Adams's narrative path so complex... and kind of stupid? Yes, yes, yes, this is COMICS, but it's also stupid. And fun. And... [***]

Daytripper #10: When I finished this comic, I put it down and smiled. I saved it for last. So should you. [*****]

Thor the Mighty Avenger #4: Probably the most enjoyable comic of the week. Daytripper is the best, but this was just so much fun: the Warriors Three and Thor go out drinking. And run into Captain Britain. There's a splash page here that someone should pay Chris Samnee a huge amount of money for. It is just so wonderful. I truly love this comic. [****1/2]

That's that. I'm off to do as many reviews as I possibly can for CBR.